Elizabeth Vrenios

Singing Villanelle to a Collage of Pleated Cows


Oh my mellifluous, lusty pastiche
photomontage arranged in hodgepodge
oh layered, lacquered, luminous beasts.

In cows I curl and crinkle and pleat,
lion and leopard do lemony lodge
Oh my fluidy lust of pastiche!

A gallimaufry of moveable feast.
a dollop of daisies atop a swatch,
Oh luminous layers of lacquered beasts,

newly embossed in this color of peach
and frizzled frost and craggy crust.
Oh my mellifluous lust of pastiche,

I brush and crush and paint and unleash
and bury beneath the curious sheet. Oh
lacquer the heart's luminous beast

blushed pink and inked with layers of lace,
which sports a brushed and rosy face.
Oh fluid heart in lusty pastiche!
Oh my layered, lacquered, luminous beast.