February 2017
Douglas Basford See Them Right: A Preface, with a Contribution on Revision by Jacob Strautmann

Anon. That looks like a robin in the tree
Erinn Batykefer Idol / Eidolon
David Ben-Merre A Cento
Loganberries (version 4)
Christian Detisch Stewardship
Louis Maraj Morning 28
Sonnet to June
Kat Meads from Miss Jane Repurposes
- "With little bruised bodies like startled moons, the small"
- "Like a sober little girl making mud pies, changeling"
- "All those fast walks and clean starts"
- "One has to live somewhere. (Doesn't she?)"
- "You drink a bit and watch the ghosts."
Jenny Montgomery Sixteen Rooms
Mary Moore The twenty lanterns and forty batteries you bought me
We can't open enough doors and windows
Rick Mullin Lune
Jennifer Perrine Achromotrichia
After My Sister Reports the Rape
Sunthorn Phu
        tr. Noh Anothai
The Sand, So Finely Laundered
Hannah Louise Poston The Husband
The Pink Umbrella
The Princess
David Southward Postcards from Mom's Condo
Rebecca Starks Wasted Wish
Training Session
Jacob Strautmann Grapevine Ridge Proposals
Wheeling Baptism
Nathanael Tagg
Clover and Cage
Judith Terzi Portmanteau
Katie Vagnino The Worst Metaphors for Our Relationship
Elizabeth Vrenios Singing Villanelle to a Collage of Pleated Cows
Sara Wainscott Not Even Truth Can Change Your Mind
O My Moons

Tony Barnstone,
Esther Greenleaf Mürer,
Chris O'Carroll,
Freeman Rogers,
and Ryan Wilson
Iambic Tetrameter Password-Poems

Jon Horvath from Wide Eyed and Blinds
Artist's Statement

Contributors' Notes