Iambic Tetrameter Password-Poems

In 2015, some researchers at USC argued that iambic tetrameter passwords are not only easy to remember due to their rhythmic character but also practically unbreakable. They have a computer generating couplets that could do well, and suggest that humans would be better off coming up with their own, as a randomizing algorithm could be cracked by another algorithm. What is here below is a series of what we thought were among the best of the human-written password-poems sent to us when we put out a call for actual living hands to outdo the code!


Tony Barnstone

What god or giant alien brain
Is sending glances down like rain?


Chris O'Carroll

The candid8's a foolish man
Whose brain a turd is >


Esther Greenleaf Mürer

1. Gödel

2. in html: Gödel

3. reads:

G ampersand o u m l
semicolon d e l


Freeman Rogers

Could any data breach be worse
than having to repeat this verse?


Ryan Wilson

"Did Squeak and Gibber in the Roman Streets"

Verbigerate big gibber nation
Kardashian verbigeration.