Erinn Batykefer

Idol / Eidolon


In a Chinese myth, mirrors are portals sealed
against another kingdom.

          Like brushing a finger down onionskin pages—
          learning only the rare and archaic,

To be specular is to be sealed in metal, in glass. To wear
another's face and move as she moves.

          speaking a crumbling lexicon into hallways and corridors,
          tonguing the fifth sense, the obsolete—

In punishment. To flash briefly between mullions
or in jewelry boxes, ephemeral.

          a woman like language. Sometimes at the bottom
          of a cup, sometimes on an ice-greased walk...

It is said that one day, in the depths of mirrors,
we will perceive a faint line of color unlike any other.

          Let what is seen be extant, corporeal. Let it reach
          toward the surface and pass through;

The line will move like a hooked fish and sound like a cup
dropped into a wet ceramic sink, like an empty bowl.

          what is seen shall not vanish. What moves
          like a woman shall turn and speak.