February 2017
Jason Gray Preface

Chad Abushanab Necessary Rituals
Noh Anothai To Silom, Bangkok's Gay District
Charles Baudelaire
        tr. Ryan Wilson
To the Reader
Melissa Cannon Read It and Weep
Eviction Street
Advice from a Dead Columnist
Cara Dees Waiting
After Waiting
Tanka After Hours
Denise Duhamel
The Things That Never Can Come Back
Rob Griffith The Manifold
Columba and the Signs
Saint Columba Contemplates the Daughter He Never Had
Columba's Novice Complains
The Devil in the Milk
Siân B. Griffiths Tuco & Blondie
Bonnie, Once Raven
Amanda Gunn All Things
Dinner Bell
Bright Moon Bright
        tr. Ryan Wilson
Epode II
Epode V
Sujata Iyengar Ave Stella Maris
Hilary S. Jacqmin The Estuary
Before the Fall
Ode to Our Magister
The Greenwood
Anita Olivia Koester Cocoon on the Moon
Michelle Lin Echo after Narcissus
Jennie Malboeuf Song of the Cock
Chad Parmenter from Vivienne's Recovery
- Introductory note
- 9.nothingnothing.38—I Two Dislike
It.Wer horte mich den aus der ich?

- 6.19.44—The Fire Fly Sermon
- 1.2.45—Self-Portrait in a Convex Mere
- 11.4.44—Modern Love.So Much
Depends On One Red Yes

- 11.28.44—For the Union of the Dead
- 12.25.44—The Art of Losing
Masters.He Do the Police in
Differential Voids. Je n'est jamais
un Autre, Je est un Auteur
Thomas Zimmerman Beethoven's Late Quartets
No Animal Was Harmed in the Making of This Sonnet

Ned Balbo Parnassus in Sight: Review of Fly in the Ointment

Cara Enteles Paintings
Artist's Statement and CV

Contributors' Notes