Jason Gray

I began writing this the day after I attended one of many #WritersResist events throughout the country. Many of you reading this might very well have too. Created by Erin Belieu and friends as a reaction to the shameful election of Donald Trump to the presidency, the movement was designed to resist the hatred, fearmongering, racism, and misogyny that he represents, and to help inspire artists to work toward keeping our elected officials accountable. I bring this up because I am glad we are releasing these issues at this time. I will be honest and say that I have very little hope that things in this country will improve, that in four years it will be fine. But reading these poems that their authors worked hard to write helps me to think that resistance is not futile.

And since we've learned the administration is considering completely defunding both the National Endowment for the Arts and the Humanities, as well as privatizing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (I encourage you all to visit the Americans for the Arts website and sign this petition, which shows how the NEA gives one of the best returns on investment of any government program; then call and write your representatives and tell them.)

Making art is not necessarily political, but when the Philistines run the country, every act of art is an act of defiance. Resist, readers, resist.

Alexandria, VA
Jan. 29, 2017