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Douglas Basford "Everything anticipates. My love.": A Preface with Comment on Williams, Agee, Pritts, Merini, & Platt

Kate Bernadette Benedict


Manny Blacksher

The Syzygist

Steven Brown Real Estate
Jar Season
Morning Auguries
Kevin Cutrer Sparkles from the Wheel
Lesley Jenike Elephant Presenting a Flower to a Bird
Celeste Lipkes Examining a Phrenological Chart I Bought on eBay
James Scannell McCormick Belongings
Ashley Anna McHugh In Praise of the Light Bulb
Llewellyn McKernan Here Comes the Night
Robert McLean A Postscript to The Death of Virgil
Gregg Mosson October Rain
Esther Greenleaf Mürer Unjubilee
Amy Newman The Great Disappointment
Bones and Doubt
Richard Newman Three Triolets on Lines from Public Spaces
Joanna Pearson The Shooter
The Smallest Woman in the World
Nicholas Michael Ravnikar
Good Girl Gone Wild
Play More Sham Rock
Rainer Maria Rilke
Death Experienced
The Egyptian Mary (tr. Len Krisak)
John Schellhase Marcello Sees Two Souls
Anindita Sengupta The City of Water
Anne-Marie Thompson Languages
Wendy Videlock Snowflake

Amy Casey Paintings from 2007-2010
Artist's Statement, Bio, and Résumé

Contributors' Notes