Austin MacRae
Grand Central Freeze

"Over 200 Improv Everywhere Agents froze in place at
the exact same second for five minutes in the
Main Concourse of Grand Central Station."

One mid-banana. One mid-sneeze.
One poses reaching out to squeeze
a passing woman's arm like he's
her long-lost friend from school, but she's
no fan of art's extremities
and melts away. Some tourists freeze.
On such small scale they slow the city's
central, grand fluidities.
A frightened woman falls to her knees,
reciting prayers. Teenagers tease
an agent with a mocking "Cheese!"
How boldly, how artfully they seize
the day
, thinks one old man who sees,
among these stationed escapees,
an opportunity to ease
himself, by delicate degrees,
between their brief parentheses.


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