Table of Contents

Douglas Basford Cheating, Not Cheating: A Review-Preface on Sonnets,
More or Less

Ned Balbo

The Universal Monsters
Wolverine Brass

Lynn Aarti Chandhok Arrivals
A Simple Meal
Girls in the Paddy
John W. Evans Rooting for the Hurricane
Spring, 1996
Hobbes, To Calvin
Rob Griffith For a Young Husband Going Deaf
Stephen Kampa Twenty-First Century Prothalamion
Not at the Grave of Dylan Thomas
A. McHugh Coming Down

Sir Thomas More

On a Dead Slave (trans. Susan McLean)
Rick Mullin Soutine in the Wind
Richard Newman Falling Asleep
Francis Raven Weeping Mineral Sonnet
Weeping Fruit Sonnet
Five Untitled Haifun
Rainer Maria Rilke Corrida
Site of the Fire

Snake-Charmer (trans. Len Krisak)
David J. Rothman Something Goes Wrong
The Rock
Cruelty to Animals
Sarah J. Sloat Canaan Ghazal
François Villon Ballade (trans. Ryan Wilson)
Ryan Wilson Source
The City under Vesuvius
Marly Youmans Near the End of the World

Maryann Corbett

Uneasy Feelings: Adam Kirsch's Invasions

Alexander Long The Prose Poem Is a Form Received: An Essay-Review of
Buckley’s Modern History and Jarman’s Epistles

Fabian Birgfeld

Interior Landscapes
Artist's Statement and Résumé

Contributors' Notes