Table of Contents

Jason Gray Introduction

Ned Balbo

Marco Polo's Sleeve Unravels
Marco Polo Welcomed at Moriana
Nothing Occurs Here That Is Worthy of Remark

Nora Sturges Artwork: from Marco Polo's Travels
Artist's Statement and Résumé

Isaac Cates The Prisoners' Dilemma
Hedgehog Variations
Juliana Gray "Winter comes to rule the varied year"
The Housesitter's Note
Michael Heffernan The Calm
The Idiot
The Way You Do

Lissa Kiernan

Conjuring Ada
Heather Kirn Agnostic Visits the Nature Conservatory
Amit Majmudar Teetotum
Charles Martin Chommoda Dicebat
Shane McCrae We married in a stadium
Paul Nemser Doom Sonnet
Aaron Poochigian Matter
Jennifer Reeser The Hummingbird Conservancy
Formula - new music video by Briareus (added 08.13.08)
Kim Roberts Pantoum with Catheter and Total Parenteral Nutrition
Peter Swanson Coyotes
Wendy Videlock Optics
Hey You
Caki Wilkinson The Fossil Hunter
Lady on a Unicycle

Contributors' Notes