Table of Contents

Erin Sweeten Preface

Tony Barnstone Parable of Farid and the Elephants
Dan Beachy-Quick Poem

Geoffrey Brock

The President's Funeral: Mar. 19, 1959
Tom Daley Prodigal at Point Reyes
Great South Pond, August 1914
Erica Dawson Brown Recluse
When the City Calls Me Names

In Consonance with the Order of Things
Elizabeth Hadaway Dover Strip
Stranger at Gym Insults My Messenger Bag
H. L. Hix Poem Composed of Statements Made by George W. Bush in July 2002
Hailey Leithauser To a Mosquito
To a Flea
To a Praying Mantis
Traci O'Dea Hair Receiver
Jennifer Perrine This Page from My Pillow Book, This Page from My Bestiary
Pierre de Ronsard Adieu, Cruel Girl (translated by Terese Coe)
Ryan Sawyer New Year's Day
Christof Scheele

Still, Life

A. E. Stallings Pattern

Susie Brandt Artwork: Stumps and Drains
Artist's Statement

Contributors' Notes