Erica Dawson
In Consonance with the Order of Things

during the NCAA tournament, 1993-2006

Billy Packer's starting to piss me off,
The constant chatter: Agh! Tying free throw's off
The iron…Dreams dead at the stripe…now off
To Greg back in the studio
. He's off
And running with new favorites. Fickle. New off-
Guard's good (wait) bad. The

The hooks—I'm black and I can't pull that off.
So where's my book? My Freud? Case II. He's off
Cold-casing old obsessed neurotics off
Their rockers, off their medications, off
In Oedipus land….Was I dozing off?
That's weak. Psychotic Dr. Schreber's off

To the sanitarium. He says he's off
Marrying God. Next page the wedding's off.
Case III. Freud thinks some shit and then gets off.
A futile miss. To Do?: Think thoughts; piss off
The doctors; drink; drink more. Time's ticking off
The clock. Ball's out of bounds. Billy says off

A foot, and Freud would take the gym shorts off
And make the zone erogenous, spin off
The picks to I love dick like it's water off
A duck's back. To Do?: Get fucked. Go fucking off.
Warble a fight song near the key of F
Since, fucking A, cacophony's an off-

Shoot. Hey, I might just win, knock the glass right off
The chandelier and chant a clear, Get off
It, fuckface
. There's me in team. So deemed, I'm off—
Hot down the stretch. To Do?: Ta-da. Shoot off
Your middle, ring, and pinkie threes. Close off
The O. Now scream. Time sticks and then ticks off.
A season lost? Three zeroes triple off
From 7, 6…. So maybe something's off
And maybe this is heaven. Days peel off
The calendar, the shining moments, off
And trashed. Where are you, Billy? Off
Air? Smashed? I'm one on one. The TV's off.

Banners have waved and horns have sounded off.
My team's gone down, and I've been carried off.
I bleed and heal. And rip the scabs right off.


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