Tom Daley

Ascender and descender
toast and whey
Zildjian and Stradivarius
lathe and gourd

Sparkle and chip
premonitory and abashed
pout and pint
tremolo and metric

Miller and way
ripple and curl
plenipotentiary and squeamish
vulva and meatus

Mouth and sleep
cat and whip
carry and moolah
turban and toe

Fecal and regal
quietude and plenty
good and gored
grain and harp

Promise and sour
sock and bushing
garden of Cretans and haggis for cheating
expenditure and redline

Whore and prop
kiln and dent
creosote and soda ash
ingrown toenail and chaise longue

Marmalade and kangaroo
spiral and cheat
dovetail and laundry tub
peacock and crucifix

Riot and rent control
fusillade and gel
lady slipper and slaphappy
yeast and minimum wage

Diploma and acrobat
zookeeper and squall
periwinkle and Pierrot
John the Baptist and window screen

Fajitas and fourteen year olds
guitar and literate
kernel and crow
torque and triangle

Scratch and tourniquet
dental floss and gangrene
layoff and leisure suit
monarch and ravioli

Whipped potatoes and erectile tissue
triumph and cheetah
feta and fortune teller
malignancy and Nancy

Le Corbusier and South Boston
crud and crab
lousy and sea cow
Manichean and Bavaria

Cull and crib


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